This is yet another service wherein POC Cooling Solutions are well versed with. Air Cooling also called as Evaporative Coolers, Industrial Coolers, commercial coolers, Air washers, Swamp Coolers and Industrial Ventilation Coolers, offers a completely natural way of delivering refreshing cool air. Evaporative cooling units have been specially designed for the cooling of industrial and commercial buildings. AirCooling500

They are capable of lowering the fresh air dry bulb temperature by 7-12°C, eg.the air off temperature from the evaporative cooler for an outside temperature of 40-43°C can be as low as 28-30°C. They allow cool fresh air to be introduced throughout a building and also the stale hot air to be displayed out through openings like windows. Unlike mechanical air conditioning which continuously cools re-circulated air, coolers introduced 100% cool fresh air into the working space.

Dust and dirt is something which we always want our air conditioners to be deprived of. Regular maintenance is important for the unit to function effectively and efficiently. All you have to do is call us to schedule your air conditioning maintenance; and our technicians will be right there with their cost effective services.